He can be paid normally...

by Doc Nickel

Actually, there's no reason Doc can't pay him normally. Keep in mind Macaulay Culkin was what, ten when he did Home Alone? Acting is very much a job, but being a minor, there was a limit to how long he could work in a day, one or the other parent had to be present at all times, and the money went to the parents (who wound up spending it all, but that's an aside. happy.gif )

However, as a minor, there are of course restrictions- his parents would likely need to sign any official paperwork, plus likely something saying they agree to let him work, etc.

And there's a limit to how long a child/minor can work in a day- I'm not sure, and it might vary by area, but I think it's like four hours per day, and might be a limited number of days per week or pay period.

And there'd be some loopholes to sort out with things like insurance (IE, would Doc's insurance cover a minor) and possibly even things like OSHA (considering there's any number of dangerous items and activities going on down there.)

I've never tried to hire anyone, especially not a kid, so I'm kind of guessing there. happy.gif But really, if Doc (and/or Sandy) were willing to run the right kind of paperwork, there's no reason I can think of that Jinx couldn't work at least a few hours a day at the shop.

The "Can you be 18 on a tax form?" thing was basically a way of saying "we could save a lot of paperwork hassles if you could suddenly be 18 on some forms." happy.gif


Posted on Aug 29, 2017, 6:10 PM

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