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by KrakenRising


Yes, those are 6 of my Axe models. I have made some changes since that animation, but the basic layout is the same. Click on the pics for a quick vid of just the gear.


Converting these into a printable format is not as easy as just exporting it. The model has to be "water-tight," meaning solid, single objects without any holes or intersections, instead of the layers of different objects you see here. This means doing re-topology over the many elements that make up what you see. There's also the problem of the fur that you see on many of the characters. It would have to be changed to sculpted fur, much like on the mannequin.

It's time consuming, but not impossible.

That being said, I had hoped to approach you later this year about doing just that. I was thinking of a small statue/diorama with a few characters, cast and paint perhaps 20 of them, and use it to offset the cost of some voice actors for the animation. I know there's discussion to be had about all of it. Drop me a line:

photo Gun_Front_zpsrmrivn5q.jpg

photo Gun_Front_zpsrmrivn5q.jpg

photo Gun_Front_zpsrmrivn5q.jpg

Posted on Aug 31, 2017, 7:38 PM

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  1. Pics aren't working. Photobucket now sucks!. Dan Voils, Sep 1, 2017
    1. Thanks for the heads up. Here they are.. KrakenRising, Sep 1, 2017


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