Doc's Parents...

by Doc Nickel

That part was kind of a "dodge the bullet" bit, as I didn't want to write myself into a corner.

As regular readers know, I tend to leave a few things kind of fuzzy- like the actual design and layout of the shop and all the lower floors- because I don't want to "lock" myself into a particular setup.

We haven't heard much about anyones' parents, apart from maybe Jinx and Rainy, because they're not necessarily relevant to the plotline. We know both Red and Bruno are married, but we've never met either wife, or even heard their names. We know that Sandy and Pirta were friends back in school, but we haven't heard anything about that, either. It's not currently important.

Ditto Doc's parents. I have zero plans to bring them in or do a storyline with them, but I also didn't want to just "kill them off" by stating in-comic that they'd passed away.

So this is a compromise. They're far enough away they won't be "popping in" anytime soon, nor will Cara insist they go 'round to meet them. But they're still technically 'around', so that if, years down the road, I get a good idea for a storyline involving one or the other, I can plausibly call them in. Without resorting to a typical superhero-comic "Geez, we all thought you were dead!" "That's what I wanted you to think!" ... and so on. happy.gif

AND... no, we won't be worrying about hurricanes. I will occasionally put real-world issues in the strip (like the local forest fire that was briefly noted "yesterday" during the Longest Paintball Day storyline) but no, I don't need to throw in concerns about a storm that will have long since been dissipated by the time "tonight" ends. happy.gif


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