by Doc Nickel

No. The general rule of thumb for TWB, is that if we haven't explicitly seen an animal as a character, then it's assumed to be 'normal'- nonsentient, nontalking, etc.

I specifically want to stay away from the "Kevin & Kell" predator/prey thing, in large part simply because it can't work in a 'real world' situation. That is, if Rainy was in actual danger of having a predator- fox, bobcat, cougar, bear, etc- catch and eat him, he wouldn't live anywhere near there.

There was a strip, long ago, called "Suburban Jungle", that had that- if you felt like it, you could go into the nearby park, wait for a prey-species jogger to walk by, and attack and eat him.

The problem there is that, if all those animals could think, reason and plan, no prey species in his right mind would ever go into that park. It'd be like you or me voluntarily deciding to go live in North Korea.

So in the TWB world, unlike K&K, by no means is everything sentient. While it's not canon, and will likely never be addressed directly, yes, presumably there are cattle and chicken farms where they're raised for meat, there's presumably commercial fishing operations for cod and salmon, and likely some form of recreational hunting of deer, ducks and moose. (We did, in fact, once see a stuffed moose head in Howie's bar.)

We can presume that, in the TWB world, walrus somehow became a semi-common food, or at least an available delicacy maybe, like Kobe beef.

Or, due to weird convergent evolution in their world, instead of beef cattle and pigs as their two main meat sources, they have moose and walrus. happy.gif

But overall, generally speaking they get their meat the same way most of us to- in trays from the store, which came from production farms. And no, there's no this-guy-ate-that-guy type of thing- though it's still joked about. happy.gif


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