It depends...

by Doc Nickel

It depends on if you include the accent marks, and where they're placed. In French, those little doits above the letter can change quite a bit of the meaning.

But hey, I used Google Translate to write it in the first place. happy.gif It didn't like "This Stuff is Crap" (ce truc est une merde- too many non-French speakers recognize "merde") or "this stuff is awful" (ce truc est horrible- 'horrible', too, was too obvious) so I worked through a couple of permutations until I got to "apalling sewage". happy.gif

I wish I'd remembered that Monty Python skit- I'd have used one of those Australian wines.

"Chateau Chunder"- Loosely translated as "the vomiting house". happy.gif


Posted on Sep 7, 2017, 12:33 AM

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