Making salt...

by Doc Nickel

I recall an article in [i]Popular Science[/i], or possibly [i]Popular Mechanix[/i], where the author, for some reason, decided to try to make his own salt.

So he rigged up a way to... I don't recall, something like spray gaseous chlorine and molten sodium through a propane burner flame... Onto some fresh popcorn. happy.gif

It was a cool idea, but he needed to refine his system a bit. happy.gif


Posted on Sep 8, 2017, 1:28 PM

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  1. I'm not a chemist (not intentionlly anyway). Dave H, Sep 8, 2017
  2. Roger has a human counterpart?. Cbob, Sep 8, 2017
    1. Not only do not try this at home, do not attempt it within one-half light year of Earth. n. eddi, Sep 9, 2017
  3. Sounds like Gray Matter. Renegade_Azzy, Sep 9, 2017
    1. Could also be Cody's Lab. MarkT, Sep 9, 2017
    2. This is the guy. Renegade_Azzy, Sep 10, 2017
  4. Re: Making salt.... digi_owl, Sep 11, 2017


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