Was merrily working at a Wendys

by Bruce Bergman

... Under 18 when the State suddenly realized that working the Burger Pattying Machine wasn't the greatest idea for Minors.

No problem for me - If you are stupid enough to stick your arm down that big tube where the ground beef goes in (With all the big warning stickers) or past all the guards (and even more warning stickers) and start messing around the forming plate outlet where the little blade slices off the individual square patties as they come out, Darwin's Law says you probably didn't deserve to keep all those fingers anyway.

Wasn't long after that they said "Nobody under 21 in the Freezers" and really wrecked it over nothing because they weren't aware of the Emergency Unlock button on the inside of the door - even if they padlock the door latch you can still get out.

Posted on Sep 8, 2017, 3:42 PM

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