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by Kymation

First a disclaimer: Doc, please don't kill me. All of this belongs to you, including the thumbnails. I only did it as a demonstration of what can be done with an index page generated by a script. I'll take it down as soon as you tell me to. I'll also give you the whole thing if you think it's worth keeping.

With that, I made a quick thumbnail page and put it up here:

Each of the thumbnails links to the comic page. Or it would if I hadn't renamed some of the images. The ones that Doc uploaded manually, or colored later, were renamed when I saved them. I'm also missing a bunch of pages. It's good enough for a prototype, and fixing all of that shouldn't make it any worse.

The thumbnails are all 200 pixels wide, so the vertical strips don't work all that well. May have to do those manually. The thumbnails were all created by a shell script (takes about 30 seconds) so it's no big deal to change the size and rerun the script if you want.

Also, this is running on a cheap shared server, so it's a bit slow. The page is not cached; it's being generated on the fly. If the whole guild jumps on it at once the server will probably go curl up in a corner and whimper, so please take it easy.

Posted on Sep 10, 2017, 6:39 PM

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  1. Attention Doc. Kymation, Sep 12, 2017
    1. No worries.... Doc Nickel, Sep 13, 2017


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