Here's one for the car nuts and 4WD guys...

by Doc Nickel

Regular long-time readers will know that I have a funky custom 4WD car I built many years ago when I was still a young pup. It was cool at the time, and I drove the bejeebers out of it, but once I went to work for myself, time and funds became very, very limited. So at some point I parked it in favor of somewhat more... practical vehicles... happy.gif and figured I'd get back to it at some point.

Well, as regular, longtime readers also know, I have more projects already than I can be expected to complete within my lifetime, and so that car, among many other personal projects, has sat, and, unfortunately, gotten a bit weathered.

A few years back, I tried putting it up for sale, in an effort to clear out some of those projects I have neither the money nor the time for, but there was no serious interest. I don't want to just junk it, or part it out, so I'm kind of stuck. I can't yet do anything significant with it, but I also can't easily get rid of it- unless I do just junk it or give it away.

So, I figured I'd dust off some old ideas I had for it- I think I may have posted some of those here a few years back and start working towards that goal. The problem is, I have zero time to even start on anything on it yet, and if my plans work out, it'll require a pretty hefty initial investment to get rolling.

But, the thing is deteriorating badly in the Alaskan weather, and I needed to at least arrest some of the decay before it gets much worse. The original paint- a $500 slapdash job 20 years ago- is worn, scratched, chipped and flaking badly. So I figured one of the easiest things to do would be to throw a quickie paintjob on it- nothing fancy, not for show or anything, just enough to protect the metal for a few more years.

So, I bought a can of "safety red" enamel, that's almost the exact same color I painted the Cutlass... and a roller. happy.gif

I went over the body with a DA sander to knock down the nastiest stuff, and proceeded to roll on a fresh coat. happy.gif


[linked image]

And after:

[linked image]

And trust me, it looks good from here, but up close... well, "orange peel" doesn't even begin to describe the texture. happy.gif To say nothing of the bugs and tree-bits that have already fallen into it.

But really, it's just "placeholder" paint. It's basically like smearing an old military rifle in Cosmoline before putting it into storage. It's just there to protect the body for a few more years, until I either decide to finally do something with it, find an unsuspecting schmuck to pawn it off on, or just throw a fresh set of tags on it and drive the damn thing as-is. happy.gif

I still have some black, though... I may put the same kind of go-fast stripes on it like I did the Cutlass. It may be temporary, but it can still look cool. happy.gif


Posted on Sep 11, 2017, 4:26 PM

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