The interesting thing is...

by Doc Nickel

Back when I built it, things like this were fairly common. Well, no, you didn't see one every day, but they were around. Even in my little town, there were a couple of converted ElCaminos, a mid-70s Mustang, I think it was a Pacer on a Jeep frame, and a couple of others.

But mine hasn't been on the streets since '04, and I haven't seen any others in a very long time. Even the old heavily-lifted straight-up trucks have gone by the wayside.

Yeah, it's old hat, and screams "redneck yokel" these days. happy.gif But it was cool when I built it. happy.gif

I'd love to "update" it with modern IFS suspension up front and a proper coil-sprung 4-link in back- maybe a nice EFI LS engine to spiff up the powerband a bit happy.gif - but as I said, that'd be an expensive undertaking, and I'm just not ready to commit yet. Hence, the "band aid" paintjob to give me a few more years to think about it. happy.gif


Posted on Sep 12, 2017, 2:35 AM

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