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by SteelSterling

I like my jokes to have SOME kind of internal logic I can buy into. With the Marx Brothers, you buy into Harpo being some sort of cartoon character, and even he follows some sort of logic in each movie (different rules sometimes, but all through the movie), like he can't speak even if he wants to. I don't have to question how we got there, but I like what I have to make its own sense. In "Bananas" a VIP from a Spanish-speaking country speaks perfect English, as does the dignitary meeting him (and we go in knowing this.) In between them stands a man in a suit, who repeats what each just said, only in an accent. Several seconds in, we see the asylum folks come catch him and drag him off. Ok, he didn't make any sense there BECAUSE he was crazy. I don't question all the steps to how he got to the meeting because that wasn't part of the scene. (And sometimes if it intrudes a little, I just go with it and remember the MST3K mantra and let it go.)

Actually, when the Mrs and I spot things like continuity errors and plot oversights in a show, we sometimes stop and work out how it resolves whether or not it was meant that way, more as a fun mental exercise. I actually LIKE resolving those. (So, yes, the posts here helped me with that moment since there's justifications.) Once a complete stranger heard me killing time talking about a store's musak of "Escape (the PiƱa Colada song.) My issue? The guy posts a personal ad because he's tired of his boring marriage. When he gets a reply (looking for some excitement...) it's his own wife. They were both happy to find each other there. I worried about what that said for the marriage that both were ready to cheat. The stranger said she saw it differently. Both of them were looking for excitement, and both of them realized they could find it with each other. I thanked her happily. Ok, now it made perfect sense to me.

And with all of this, I laugh the most readily and the loudest of anyone I've ever known, so don't think all this means my humor is spoiled by thinking about it. Some of my humor (like Python) is generally enhanced by it. (IMHO, "Suppose he's got a bunch?" is the funniest line in the Self-Defense Lessons skit.) In fact, I laugh so readily that when I can't even get a chuckle or smirk out of something, I make the rare conclusion it's just not even a little funny.

Posted on Sep 22, 2017, 6:29 AM

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