Transparent firearm suppressors- in slow mo!

by Doc Nickel

One of my favorite YouTube channels, Smarter Every Day, has a video out where he helps test and video some rifle suppressors. The company was probably happy to help in order to get the high-speed footage, and likely, if they're a fairly high-tech company, wanted to see how their computer models compared to real-world use.

Basically they gave some "monocore" units a clear outer sleeve, which produced some awesome footage.

The tests were basically one-shot deals, unfortunately; even for the units that survived, the hot gasses burned and melted the plastic outer sleeves.

Don't miss the behind the scenes portion- not only is there a quick view of a country-club level gun range, but more background on suppressors in general.

But really, the high-speed video of the internal muzzle blasts are the cool part. happy.gif


Posted on Sep 26, 2017, 1:11 AM

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