The end of another day...

by Doc Nickel

And this time it only took a touch over ten months! happy.gif

And really, even then 'today' was still split up into at least four different storylines, if not five: Doc & Cara getting up and meeting the crew, moving Swampy and Pirta, and three different couples' date nights.

In either case, Monday will be starting off a shiny new storyline, filled with action, explosions, giant robots, gratuitous property damage and some seriously jacked up insurance premiums.

Stay tuned. happy.gif


Posted on Sep 29, 2017, 1:11 AM

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  1. For the sheer horror and for humanities sake. Donkey, Sep 29, 2017
  2. Does that mean.... Kestrel, Sep 29, 2017
    1. This I want to know. Jelsemium, Sep 29, 2017
      1. I'm afraid.... Doc Nickel, Sep 29, 2017
  3. Kids these days don't recognize a classic. Xheralt, Oct 3, 2017


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