Oh grow up...

by Lord *Redacted* the *censored*

I mean seriously... softcore porn? You must be like totally brand new to the internet. The butthertz is strong with you. Both of you.

While I respect your right to not like the current arc, you're several DOZEN strips too late. In fact Doc mentioned a new arc starting Monday that gets back to the classic "stuff explodes because why not" mentality.

I cannot speak for the fans as a community but come on now, softcore porn? I think you need to reevaluate your thought processes, possibly go jump in the lake and pick up the pieces and go home.

Well, have fun. You've attracted the attention you crave (mmm attention mmmmmmmm) and you won't ACTUALLY leave... because how else will you continue to be offended and seek attention? I mean you clearly weren't getting the attention you deserved over at the Questionable Content forums, and Girls With Slingshots ended like QUITE AWHILE AGO. And Girl Genius... The community spit your butts right out last time you got a peek at Colette 's figure.

Foul creatures the lot of you. I suspect we are stuck with you because THIS IS THE INTERNET and it is powered by fools such as yourself. Now excuse me while I figure out how to work the IGNORE function on this forum.

Good day, and don't trip over your bottom lip.

Posted on Oct 1, 2017, 8:02 PM

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      1. Hah!. Lord *Redacted* the *censored*, Oct 1, 2017
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