Yes, seriously. I can't please everyone...

by Doc Nickel

Ladies and gentlemen, the poster has a valid point, please don't 'pile on', and let's not stoop to name calling or personal insults, okay?

To the original poster, while you do, in fact, make a valid point, I would like to say a few things. (In my patented numbered list, as I've found it helps keep my thoughts in order. Bear with me. happy.gif )

First, it's worth noting that yours is the very first complaint I've received since this storyline started just over ten months ago. On the contrary, I've gotten a great deal of positive feedback- more than I've ever gotten over any other storyline in the history of the strip.

Many readers specifically stated they liked seeing this side of the characters- it made them, for want of a better term, more 'human', not just a parody of a stereotype.

I always appreciate getting feedback from readers. I might not always have time to reply to it, but I do try to read all of it. I don't write TWB to try and "push the edge" or specifically to elicit a reaction, but generally speaking, if I'm getting no feedback, and my readership numbers aren't dropping like a stone, I really can only assume I'm doing at least a decent job.

The corollary to that is the fact I can't please everyone, and gave up trying years ago.

I write and draw TWB primarily for myself. I draw what I want to read, not what I think would be the most marketable, or the most popular, or the most demographically inclusive, or whatever. I write it as a comic that I myself would want to read.

If you like it, that's fine, glad to have you along. If not, no worries, thanks for stopping by.

I'd be a hypocrite if I insisted everyone ought to like TWB, because there are endless lists of comics out there- many of which are far more popular than mine, that I don't read because I don't like the art style, or the setting, or the writing, or whatever.

Lots of people have told me they don't like the "furries", others have said they don't like the paintball aspect, others don't like the fact the writing is so simple and there's no overarching plotline. That's fine, everyone's tastes are different, everyone's got their own opinion.

Second, we had just gotten through two and a half YEARS worth of a paintball game. Four months worth of "date night" is a comparative blink of the eye. happy.gif

I thought it'd be an interesting storyline, since we'd never seen such a thing in the fifteen-year-history of the strip, and I was trying to get Cara established as a regular character.

I'll also note that I, too, was getting a bit tired of the storyline in the last month or so. happy.gif

And third, as you have no doubt noticed, TWB is now five days a week, with the occasional extras as I'm able to produce them, available on Patreon. That's a great deal of additional time to fill, and simple gag-a-day comics can only go so far.

I have no plans to end the strip anytime soon, and at least for the time being still have plenty of ideas, but I still have to produce 260+ strips a year. That is, in fact, the primary reason I introduced Cara and the coffee shop- Cara as a new regular 'foil' for Doc (and the others) and the coffee shop as a third major location for their antics (in addition to the shop and the paintball field.)

I'm sorry you find a silhouetted picture of cartoon characters distasteful, but I am, at heart, an artist. I had an idea for that image, and as artists are, I wanted to draw it. I do the same thing in the machine shop- I get an inspiration for a part, mod or product, and feel obligated to try it. That is, point in fact, what got me where I am. I am compelled to create, I'm pretty good at it, and I've found a market of people interested in my various creations, whether physical or digital.

I can, however, see where you're coming from, and yes, I might just take that down and move it over to Patreon.

I will also point out, however, as evidenced by the "Finis" banner on Friday, as well as the announcement below the strip, that no matter what, that storyline is over, for the moment, and a new one will be starting bright and early Monday morning.

And, as I said, as I was a bit tired of the kissy-face stuff too, I decided it was time to get back to some good old TWB roots and start blowing things up real good. (Patreon members got a preview of it almost a month ago. happy.gif )

The shop hasn't had a good thrashing in altogether too long, so it's time to bring back the mayhem. happy.gif


Posted on Oct 1, 2017, 10:27 PM

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