'Couple more quick updates:

by Doc Nickel

Did a little more refinement work to the Exacto vertical mill, by finishing up the low-voltage control signal connection, and finally adding a speed pot.

There's now just a very few things left to do before she's 100% done! happy.gif

Also, I have finally gotten my benches cleared off enough that I plan to put quite a bit of time this month into the next version of my new lever-action rifle project.

I just have a brief update as linked above, mainly making a rough and dirty prototype straight-wristed buttstock out of cheap pine, but it's a start. happy.gif

I hope to have a complete Mark III by the end of the month, but just a complete gun is less important than figuring out and developing the last two key issues, which are making a reliable and fast-to-use loading gate, and figuring out the best way to integrate a 12-gram changer.

Stand by, I think this is gonna be a fun one. happy.gif


Posted on Oct 1, 2017, 10:41 PM

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  1. Looking good!. Cpt. Obvious, Oct 18, 2017


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