I never expected to see this on TWB....

by JozsefC

...and I'm not talking about the content in question. (Personally my favorites are the more family friendly strips, from the snowfight to lets-blow-things-up mayhem, but the strip that "offended" these guys was very tastefully and artistically done, I didn't see nothing wrong with it as a grand finale for the story arc.)

I'm talking about never expecting to see a strip being taken off because a couple of attention hungry whiners SJW-bully Doc into taking it down.

Yes, if it was taken a step further, I would have not liked it. Run of the mill over-sexualized furry comics always creeped the hell out of me and that will never change. However, Doc managed to find the fine line and stop before crossing it. Or more likely he laser-designated it and managed to come to a halt microns away from it in a spectacular way.

But calling this TWB strip softcore porn and getting into some prudish hissy fit over it is way beyond lame.

Threatening to leave and then staying is only accentuating the point that you guys only got into this for some fleeting attention. Which I am also giving, my mistake. Eat up, Bon appetit!

Posted on Oct 2, 2017, 9:52 AM

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