I'll Second That...

by Robotek

... though I was a little surprised to see the panel, and was not at all surprised at the negative reactions by some.

Taking offense at such an image is more telling about the ones taking offense than the actual content. "Filth, I'm glad to say, is in the mind of the beholder." (Tom Lehrer)

Far worse is seen every day on prime-time TV, let alone the movies and cartoons currently being put out.

I liked the image, a bonus, giving a hint of a healthy relationship that we hope will continue. Artistically rendered in such a way that it evoked more of a warm and happy feeling for the couple, rather than lustful, without being overly explicit, I thought it a near perfect closing shot for the very long date-night story arc.

So the image is now hidden away from the many of us who appreciated it, to appease the the vocal few, much the same as with many other long accepted artistic renderings recently. I feel sorry for those who missed it.

I would like to make a suggestion. How about offering the panel as a wallpaper image? The tall, narrow format of the window backdrop and silhouette would work well as a smartphone wallpaper. The risqué nature of the image likely wouldn't be noticed by the casual observer unless it was pointed out. wink.gif

Posted on Oct 2, 2017, 6:25 PM

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