Please yourself first.

by Snowtroll

I read the comic because it's fun, not because of the paintball theme.
(Wouldn't be able to recognise a 'cocker' if my life depended on it... )

And the best way to get a fun comic is if the artist is having fun creating it.
The net is full of comics abandoned because the artist no longer could dig up a spoonful of 'give a d@mn' about it.

If you decide to keep the comic even more child-friendly than it is, I'd still read it.
If you decide to allow a bit of tasteful nudity now nd then, when it fits the story, or hilarious nudity for the joke you just had to draw... so be it.

All I ask is that if you ever decide that 'this image need blurring/pixellation', that I get to be first in line to whack you on the head with a mallet for making the picture in the first place. (I hate 'mangled' art like that.)

Posted on Oct 3, 2017, 4:18 AM

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