"I've got a window...."

by beejay5169

After a building move of my old Guvmint department, Dal, one of my fellow drones, found himself on Day 1 without a cube in the farm, but a little wander revealed a dead-end corridor in the management block of the same section. It finished in a magnificent window overlooking the Canberra mall, with 4 meters back up the corridor to the nearest side-office door. Dal set his desk up in the dead-end, plugged the base of his own cordless phone into a spare socket in the cube farm, tucked a 4 port hub into the network socket in the nearest PHB's office and ran a Cat-5 cable to his PC. He appropriated a moveable partition to close off his new 'office', and got down to work!

Instant jealousy from his fellow drones, who couldn't even SEE sunlight, let alone enjoy the view; anger from the PHBs, who didn't want a drone contaminating THEIR area; and weird noises from the IT crowd, who didn't want unapproved gear hooked into THEIR network...

Day 2 saw Dal's 'office' once again a dead-end corridor but with a couple of comfy chairs under the window for a PHB 'rest area', and a new, smaller-than-the-rest cube, specially set up for Dal, as far from PHB territory (and windows) as they could put him!

This cartoon adorned his new workspace for several months.....


Posted on Oct 3, 2017, 12:58 PM

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  1. I once had a cubical with a door. James, Oct 3, 2017
  2. Heh.. J.Cook, Oct 4, 2017


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