I once had a cubical with a door

by James

A company I worked at, moved their factory, and consolidated all the office people into areas carved out of the old factory. The cubical I got had a massive column in it that housed the fire sprinkler valves. To make it look nice, they walled it off with a door. It looked kind of like a permanent closet, weirdly placed in the middle of a room, with a cube farm all around it. I didn't mind, it was better than I had before, and it blocked views into my cubical. Just as we were vacating the old office, I snagged the "Engineering Break Room" sign and posted it on the closet door. A while later, my friend in facilities, brought by all the other signs that had been salvaged from the old office. Every week or two, we'd change the the sign to something new, "Receiving", "Lobby", "Men", etc.

Posted on Oct 3, 2017, 1:41 PM

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