I've done something similar to this...

by J.Cook

I was printing out a thumb drive case in the shape of a Minecraft wolf; Since my printer is a 3 axis FDM (the extruder head can't swivel or rotate, it's fixed facing straight down) I locked the thumb drive into the case by pausing the job after a certain amount of the print was done, placed the drive where it was supposed to go, and then resumed the job. It was a little hinky, but it worked out ok.

as far as self-leveling, you are absolutely right, at least for the 2014 generation printrbots- there's not exactly a lot of adjustment leeway for bed leveling out of the box unless you do some pretty creative mods to it. (I have a Simple Metal that I bought as a kit, then about two years later bought the heated bed and Z-Axis extension kit.)

Posted on Oct 4, 2017, 9:51 AM

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