Generic robots...

by Doc Nickel

I got nothing to worry about, as these 'bots are nothing at all like Max, except for the fact they're red.

It's actually incredibly hard these days to design a robot (or mecha-armor, etc.) that doesn't look like some other pop-culture robot. I can't find it right now, but there was a "where's Waldo" type drawing somebody did years ago, that showed something like 200 movie and TV robots- At least three Marvins from various Hitchhiker's Guides; Huey, Dewey and Louie from Silent Running; Hector from Saturn 3, Twiki, V.I.N.Cent, Wall-E, Box from Logan's Run, you name it.

If I made these things brownish and semi-humanoid they'd look like the war robot from Judge Dredd. Make 'em chrome and they'd look like Cylons. Make 'em gold and they'd look like C-3PO. Give 'em a cylindrical body and bucket-shaped head and they'd look like naything from the Tin Man to Bender. Give 'em a bunch of tentacles and they'd look like a Sentinel (that is, from The Matrix. Make 'em semi-humanoid and purple, and they'd be a Sentinel from the X-men comics. Make 'em white and modern-looking and they could be anything from Eve from Wall-E to a Turret robot from Portal.

My design is fairly simple and therefore easy to draw. happy.gif


Posted on Oct 6, 2017, 1:19 AM

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  1. These aren't the robots you're looking for..... beejay5169, Oct 6, 2017


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