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One can group meters into several eras:

Experimentation - 1872 to 1889
A literal handful of examples survive, as electricity was a strange new thing at that time.
One Edison chemical meter sold a couple years ago for 20 grand.

Dawn of the industry - 1889 to 1913
A fair number of these survive and are often many of the most desirable models when people speak of the really old meters.
The most expensive was a Sangamo Gutmann A that went over $4200 on Ebay.
Minimum for a meter from this era is about $200

The earlier modern models - 1913 to 1933
A large number of meters survive from this era, and if you pay more than $100 for one, you're not trying unless it is 3-phase, an odd frequency (25 or 50Hz), or high amperage version

Standardization - 1933 to 1960s
Again, many survive, and if you pay over $75 for one, you're not trying, but a few are tough to find like the Roller-Smith and I-20-S spoken of.

Modern mechanical models - 1960s-1990s
Readily available, and $30 is about right

Smart meters - 1990s-present
Not worth my time.

This applies to North American models - I know zilch of European / Asian models (many of which are based on a design from the 'dawn of the industry' era - even modern mechanical units).

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