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by Typeminer

I still subscribe to the local newspaper. I'm a lifer in the publishing gulag, and I started out by making fun of it in the local alternative newspaper. Times being what they are for newspapers, it's one of the healthier dailies in the state, and far less shy of investigative reporting and local controversy than back in its heyday.

They run 42 daily strips. (Competing morning and afternoon papers from the same publisher, plus the sunday paper, were combined into one 7-day/week edition some years ago.) Sadly, the best of them are Dilbert, Frank & Earnest, Frazz, Funky Winkerbean, Luann, Mutts, Sally Forth, and Pearls before Swine. "Best" for certain values of absurdity and bad puns, mainly. The rest are old legacy creakers whose original artists are long dead, hit-or-miss single-panel features, and shameless crap like Garfield and Family Circus. And, of course, Peanuts.

I argue with my dad about Peanuts all the time. He likes it, and is glad to see it in his local paper (which runs about 10 strips). I maintain that although it's certainly one of the best strips of the 20th century, Sparky Schulz is dead, and someone who's alive should get that space. Small-town papers aren't rerunning McCay or Herriman or Watterson, after all.

But the best strips I follow are on the web. No contest. And the forums and message boards attract a more diverse and interesting crowd. happy.gif

Posted on Oct 9, 2017, 6:25 AM

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