Re: The AK-47 of cars

by Irregular Logic

Belarus brand tractors have a similar reputation. I remember an account from an Australian over on the Heavy Equipment Forums say he bought a 5100 and expected it to burn out in a couple of years, but it turned out to be his most reliable tractor and still heavily uses it.

Ourselves, We have an 830 that was left on our farm when we moved in, and despite it leaking hydraulic oil as fast as we can pour it in and a blown head gasket that would boil the radiator dry, we could expect that tractor to start up with a boost and a sniff of ether, and not quit.

As long as you are a good mechanic or machinist, those machines will last a long time.

Posted on Oct 11, 2017, 4:29 PM

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  1. And "good mechanic" was a relative term in the Soviet Union.... eddi, Oct 11, 2017


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