by Doc Nickel

I would draw the part in 360, then try and 'convert' it using the progam's own built-in CAM. Admittedly I haven't tried more than a handful of times, but it seems one of the biggest issues is that the CAM tends to default to industrial CNC lathes- that is, machines with turrets, and whose spindles tend to turn "backward" compared to my converted-conventional-engine-lathe.

And F360 is not nearly as focused on turning as it is on milling. Most of the tutorial videos show how to set up milling projects, very few (at least, as of about six months ago when I last checked) had anything to do with lathe turning. And most of the ones that did, focused on the Tormach with a turret, for which F360 has a dedicated setup.

As I said, things have almost certainly changed, I haven't had a chance to fool with it (either 360 or the lathe) pretty much all summer.

But for the moment, while there's a bunch of reasons I want to switch over to the new Acorn board, one of the biggest is to get the "conversational" programming, which, by all descriptions, will better suit a zero-experience doofus like me. happy.gif


Posted on Oct 11, 2017, 5:23 PM

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