you should have seen my father's Tractor

by Snowtroll

He's got a 1975 (or so) Belarus 425.

Air-cooled engine(one less fluid to empty out when parking it in Siberia), and the engine is supposedly a clone of a German diesel, that they just lowered the working RPMs on and made more robust.
Permanent 4WD, and with a weird cog system on the front axle to increase the ground clearance. (They also added springs!)
The hydraulic works both ways, and is strong enough that if you put something under the arms at the back, and lower them, it'll lift the rear of the tractor. Handy when removing a wheel.
It came with enough spares and tools to last half a lifetime, too.
Because in Siberia Tractor repairs You...

The handbrake locks the driveshaft...

The ball-joints in the steering were slack. It just needed a couple of turns with a spanner to compress the lining.

He bought it used, and thought it felt a bit anemic, so had the seller come and take a look at it.
One of the pistons had a big hole in it. And it still ran...

Posted on Oct 12, 2017, 5:24 AM

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