Technically it's "shorthand"...

by Doc Nickel

What Roger's wearing is neither part of an "Iron Man" suit, but at the same time neither is it all that original.

Had I left Roj in his usual shirt and tie, everyone would be wondering how he's generating the energy fields. I didn't want him in actual armor, partly because readers might think he's battling other people in armor, rather than robots, and partly to make him more 'exposed'- IE, less obviously protected.

But, I planned on giving him some weaponry, but I didn't want him carrying a big heavy gun of some kind. So it was either some kind of big clunky gauntlet type thing, or a hand-mounted blaster.

I'm admittedly a big fan of Iron Man, so I decided to go with the palm blaster concept and the "glowy thing in the middle of his chest" trope (which in this case is not an "arc reactor", it's just "shorthand" to let readers know he's wearing some techno-gadgetry, and not, say, using some heretofore-unspecified mutant power or something. happy.gif )


Posted on Oct 12, 2017, 10:45 PM

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