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by SteelSterling

Hi. Sounded like you were unable to recover some of the text. So, I found what's not up right now. The entire character of Miki, plus some fun facts. (BTW, not everyone HAD a phrase or whatever.) So, here's what I don't see up, with enough of the rest of the text to make it obvious whose bio that was.

Favorite phrase: "What could possibly go wrong?"
Religion: Lapsed Pastafarian
Special ability: Incredibly strong, highly durable and resistant to damage, can regenerate if given enough Dew.
Jersey number: 01 or .05
Previously unpublished fact: Often regrets not being allowed to eat surly customers and uncooperative players anymore.

Favorite food: Blueberry bagels with cream cheese.
Favorite phrase: "Should I be worried?"
Special ability: Immune to sarcasm
Previously unpublished Fact: Surprisingly, is not suffering from a debilitating mental illness or lingering head wound. Who knew?

Favorite phrase: "Holy crap! Everybody take cover!"
Favorite weapon: Bomb-defusing pliers.
Favorite food: Doritos
Special ability: Champion beer-pong player.
Jersey number: 02, sometimes 03
Previously unpublished fact: Currently emits approximately 53 millirems per day, due to a "slight mishap" he'd rather not talk about at the moment.

Favorite Marker: Whatever works that day, or whatever he can borrow.
Favorite food: Leftover pizza and Cheetos.
Favorite phrase: "You gonna eat that?"
Jersey Number: 03, sometimes 02
Previously unpublished fact: Rumored to be the heir to the Higginbotham Spatula Family Fortune.

Favorite weapon: The Glare of Make-Your-Head-Explode-If-I-Could.
Favorite phrase: "Yeah Bob, it's me. Send another ambulance, please."
Favorite food: I'll just have a salad.
Special ability: Can run a business as chaotic as Doc's, without going bankrupt or having her brain explode.
Previously unpublished fact: Her middle name is Rae.

Full name: As-yet unpublished.
The Nice Guy. Works at a bank, part of a team that does the low-level grunt work processing loan applications and maintaining investment portfolios. Actually kind of enjoys it. Plays paintball to blow off occasional pent-up aggressions. Sometimes has "accidents" with his spray when surprised, and gets very embarrassed about it. Currently dating Pirta, to whom he is eternally grateful.
Favorite marker: Has an old spooler Doc built for him. It works.
Favorite food: Scrambled eggs with ketchup.
Previously unpublished fact: Once did the taxes for a guy that used to work for the CIA.

The Hot Chick. Wears skimpy clothes partly to show off, but mostly because her fur gives her an R-Value of about 36. Dislikes hot weather. Great-grandparents emigrated from Kazakhstan in 1917, her middle name is Kazakh for "Rose". Currently dating Jake.
Favorite weapon: Wicked right cross, +4 Butt of Distraction.
Favorite marker: It's blue!
Favorite food: Steak, rare
Previously unpublished fact: Has one piercing, but isn't going to show it to you.

Real name: James "Jimmy" Olsen
The Kid. Sometimes way too interested in paintball. Reads everything he can get his hands on about it. Loves going through Doc's huge collections of old paintball magazines. Has eight sisters (four younger and four older) and so spends a lot of time at the Shop.
Favorite marker: Varies weekly. Prefers light electros.
Favorite weapon: Taser-Bullwhip, which he uses for reffing.
Favorite phrase: "Sure, I can watch the store for an hour."
Favorite food: Pepperoni pizza
Previously unpublished fact: Kind of wants to become a comic-book artist. Or maybe a fireman.

The Bartender. Grew up in the military, rumored to have a boxful of decorations somewhere. Or collected shrapnel. Possibly just souvenir buttons from tourist destinations, we don't really know. Once he retired, he used his savings to open a bar, in a small town where he thought things would be quiet and peaceful. Unfortunately, he opened the bar about halfway between Doc's shop and the paintball field, not knowing what was about to happen. Currently dating Kasi's mother.
Favorite weapon: Baseball bat behind the counter. Just in case.
Favorite food: Anything with barbecue sauce.
Favorite drink: Single malt whiskey.
Special ability: Unusual amount of patience. Hasn't tried to kill Doc once, despite multiple fires and frequent detonations.
Previously unpublished fact: He could tell you, but then he'd have to kill you.

The Waitress. Divorced mother of one. Currently dating Howie, whom she convinced to remodel the bar, rather than spending the latest insurance check on a largish Caribbean Island. Not a terribly big fan of Doc; she likes how much he can eat and drink at the bar, but hates the chaos that inevitably follows him.
Favorite mixed drink: Irish Coffee.
Favorite food: Chicken, either fried, barbecued or as hot wings.
Special ability: Can toss a drunk upwards of 20 yards.
Previously unpublished Fact: Thinks there isn't enough Hank Williams in the bars' Jukebox.

The Furry little Chainsaw. A somewhat hyperactive child, very inquisitive, loves first-person-shooter video games. Can hit 70 MPH for brief periods- closer to 90 after drinking one of Doc's 'special' Mountain Dews. Currently has a mild crush on Jinx, to which he is largely oblivious. Wants to learn how to play the tuba.
Favorite weapon: Teeth and claws. Occasionally one of Doc's surplus AIM-54C air-to-air missiles.
Favorite food: Chocolate-covered bacon.
Favorite phrase: Usually some variant of "Banzai!"
Previously unpublished fact: Doesn't like people to know she collects My Little Ponies

The Old Softy. Made a small fortune during the Dot-Com Boom, but only managed to save just enough for him and his wife to live fairly comfortably. Helps Red at the field just for something to do. Started playing paintball almost at the beginning.
Favorite marker: An ancient Sheridan KP rifle, bought new in 1985.
Favorite weapon: Intimidating stare. Taser.
Favorite food: Broiled salmon with cranberry sauce.
Favorite phrase: "It's customary to leave the playing field when marked. Should I let go of your head or do you need another reminder?"
Previously unpublished fact: Used to be a software developer, was once a multi-millionaire (on paper.)

That Guy. Started playing paintball in high school, and became so hooked that a few years later he made what would usually have been a big mistake and brought his then-new and reluctant girlfriend Tawny one weekend. Amazingly enough, she loved it, and they've been playing together ever since. In fact, she's a better player that he is, although he won't admit it.
Favorite marker: Whichever one works. Between the two of them, they have over a dozen.
Favorite food: Grilled burgers with bacon and cheese
Previously unpublished fact: Canadian expat. Had to stop himself from saying "eh" all the time.

That Girl. Tawny had just started dating Snowshoe when he dragged her to a paintball game. Turned out she loved it, and by the following weekend had bought her own equipment. They're currently living together, and her markers are the ones most likely to be found on the coffee table and in between the sofa cushions.
Favorite marker: That whiz-bang number that Snowshoe bought her for their one-year anniversary.
Favorite food: Chocolate covered mice.
Favorite phrase: "Oh, this should be fun..."
Previously unpublished fact: Her dad was a mechanic, and she's kind of a gearhead.

MIKI (first appearance TWB 2343 , 2017-04-19
(Siberian husky, Canis lupus familiaris)
Full name: Mikittok Qimmiq ("mick-KIT-tock KIM-mick", Inuit for 'small dog')
The Sassy Barista. Works at the coffee shop with Cara, and is one of her oldest friends.
Favorite food: Banana splits. With lots of hot fudge.
Favorite phrase: "Move it, Buster! We're tryin'a run a business here!"
Favorite weapon: Rapier wit.
Special ability: Clears most doorways with almost two feet to spare.
Previously unpublished fact: Probably isn't wearing any underwear.

The Excitable Types. Larry and Daryl are teenage brothers who got into paintball in a big way. They each own three or four sets of gear, their room is plastered with paintball posters and photos printed off the internet, and they each have a small but prized collection of aging but well-thumbed paintball magazines. They're only mediocre players, but have plenty of enthusiasm which sometimes, but not always, helps make up for their lack of skill. Daryl in particular has taken to the use of paintball grenades in order to try and beat some of the better players.
Favorite markers: Usually rentals, plus the occasional DocsWorks Mk-40 Paintball Marking Grenades.
Favorite phrase: "Best forty bucks I ever spent!"
Favorite food: Walnuts, pecan pie.
Previously unpublished Fact: Even their parents sometimes have trouble telling them apart.

Full name: Robin
The Little Girl. A recent transplant, he father let her choose paintball or karate, but wouldn't let her have any nunchucks.
Favorite marker: Her brand new, just-released Tesseract Black Mark Zero in Limited Edition Amaranthine.
Favorite food: Candied palm dates.
Favorite phrase: "I can take 'im."
Previously unpublished Fact: Is often annoyed by the fact she can hear digestion.

The Sargeant. Career veteran, transferred over from the big city after the departments' last chief suffered a nervous breakdown. Is well on the way to a breakdown of his own.
Favorite weapon: Fire axe.
Favorite food: Pan-seared steak, rare, with onions and lots of garlic. Or gas-station corn dogs. Whichever.
Favorite phrase: "Oh good god, it's you two again."
Previously unpublished Fact: Big fan of Marvel's superhero movies.

The Fireman. He's a fireman, his dad was a fireman, and he hopes his son will be a fireman too. Did three tours in the Gulf War becayse there 'wasn't anything good on TV".
Favorite weapon: Rosenbauer Panther 6x6 Aircraft Rescue Firefighting vehicle
Favorite food: Hot Pockets in pepperoni pizza flavor. Or Sarge's steaks. Whichever.
Previously unpublished Fact: Still upset they wouldn't let him keep that M56A2 Smartgun.

Full name: As-yet unpublished.
Luke, Sr's teenage son.
Favorite marker: Old Ion. Or, occasionally, a rental, because hey, it's an Ion.
Favorite food: Chocolate chip cookies.
Previously unpublished Fact: Not all that sure he wants to be a fireman.

The Brown Bunny Guy. In college, plays paintball to relax, which doesn't always work.
Favorite marker: Gold-tone YottaBlaster, an old spooler he's had for a couple years.
Favorite car: His old Hyundai, may it rest in peace.
Favorite phrase: "These ears aren't just for show, y'know."
Previously unpublished Fact: Majoring in electrical engineering. His mom wanted him to become a hairdresser.

The Pack Rat. Runs a military-surplus and secondhand store up in the big city. Plays paintball because "the man" won't let him have a machine gun. Plus he can sell old surplus crap to newbies for more than anyone else will pay for it.
Favorite marker: Old 'Mag. Traded a rusty bayonet for it, and it just keeps working and working.
Favorite phrase: "Hey toots, is the fat guy in?"
Favorite food: Whiskey and fried chicken.
Previously unpublished Fact: There may be a bit of... history, between Packy and Doc. Time will tell.

The comic-book guy. Reads way too many of them, plus a bunch of webcomics.
Favorite webcomic: That paintball one, about those guys in Alaska. That or Schlock Mercenary.
Favorite phrase: "So I read a lot of comics."
Favorite food: Cheetos and Code Red.
Previously unpublished Fact: Named his paintball gun Potentially Deranged.

The Nemesis. Not really a bad guy, but can be kind of a jerk sometimes. Thinks he's being sneaky, but like other bright-white-furred players have found out, it's harder than it looks.
Favorite marker: Whatever it takes to win, baby.
Favorite food: Jerky stix and Red Bull.
Previously unpublished Fact: They're all pretty much unpublished.

Full name: William "Billy" Nordberg
The Rules Lawyer. The kind of guy that comes up with an obscure, highly unlikely scenario, wonders how the rules would handle it, and expects everyone to take him seriously.
Favorite movie: How to Irritate People with John Cleese
Favorite phrase: "Hey, I have a question..."
Favorite food: Fried bananas.
Previously unpublished Fact: Hasn't been able to find anyone who will let him join their D&D game since he was 12.

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