Got it... plus an addition.

by Doc Nickel

Thank you, but it did, thankfully, have it from the saved page.

Actually, the saved page worked fine, I just had to go through and fix the links to each photo- which was easier than trying to cut-and-paste all the individual lines of text.

And I fixed the Guild links- I'd done that earlier too, but as I said, I'd apparently found and used an older, in progress copy.

And, for those that apparently still read the projects pages, while I was looking up the Logan stuff, I found some of my earliest shop-upgrade photos, and posted those up as well.

I picked up the mill in 2003, and built the cabinet around the back of it later that year. I've had those drawers ever since, and they've proven extremely handy over the years.

I used to keep drill bits in some of them, but eventually I got so many I had to swap those over to one of the bigger drawers on the right side. Currently, the top drawer is my semi-organized collection of hold-down parts, step blocks and the like, the second down is miscellaneous hold-down stuff like bolts, longer bits of all-thread, some oddball-sized T-nuts, washers and spacers, etc.

I also have tap handles, reamers, my collection of stones, etc. in the rest.

The article doesn't show it, but some drawers just got a sheet of thin MDF as a bottom, while others, like the reamer and drill drawers, got chunks of 3/4" birch plywood with grooves of various sizes routed in them, to keep the cutters from knocking against each other.


Posted on Oct 26, 2017, 3:18 PM

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  1. Lots of work, but nice result.... Cpt. Obvious, Oct 27, 2017


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