Roger's testing got out of hand!

by Z-man51

My guess is that Roger decided to run a "real-world" test on the Mark-VI Combat Drones' weapons, data networking and problem solving. Being that Doc and the others had more important things on their minds and Jinx was dismissed as too young and/or lacking in knowledge/experience, Roger started the test on his own with no "Range Safety Officer" to shutdown the test when it got out of hand.
Roger should have started off with a single, simple problem and an automatic shutdown order upon completion of the problem. Unfortunately, it seems the drones' "problem-solving" program capabilities were faster and greater than anticipated. As Roger ordered no end to the exercise, the drones learned quicker, solved more complex problems and increased their application of force to the point that the exercise would continue until either the drones or Roger were "destroyed". Jinx's entry into the exercise was seen as a minor obstacle to be neutralized, therefore once disabled Jinx was ignored and all attention returned on locating and neutralizing/destroying Roger. Seeing as Roger's power supply is depleted and he now has multiple drones hunting for him, one can only hope he makes it to the controls and the "kill-switch" before they find him and "end" the exercise.
I'm just wondering how much damage Doc is going to do to Roger when he returns to the shop and finds the damage to the shop, multiple expensive combat drones and an expensive combat suit.
In the words of Ricky Ricardo: "Lucy! You have some explaining to do!"

Posted on Oct 29, 2017, 2:23 AM

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