by Dave H

Where I used to work we hired a new electrical engineer right out of college and I got to give him the "Electric Meters 101" lecture. About halfway in he mutters, "Kilovolts? Megawatts? Man was never meant to possess such power."

This in a lab where you could hear someone say "Relax, it's only 120" about once a month.

Posted on Nov 2, 2017, 5:25 PM

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  1. Relax, it's Only 48V - DC even!!. Bruce Bergman, Nov 3, 2017
    1. I don't mess with high power DC. Dave H, Nov 3, 2017
      1. I worked for a large electric utility for a while. Kymation, Nov 3, 2017
      2. Not only doesn't DC let go..... beejay5169, Nov 4, 2017
        1. 3 phase AC too. Dave H, Nov 4, 2017


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