Has TWB officially changed?

by jojo

I think tomorrow will be the official one year mark since a paintball game, gun or player has appeared in TWB.
A total of seven ads selling or searching for pb gear have been posted this year, down from about 14 last year.
The community has changed as well, with very little pb posts in the forum.
No Halloween party this year either.

Also, for most of the year a character who was used in many comics honoring troops- fallen, hurt, and whole- has worn the meme cap of a celebrity who openly abuses Gold Star Families- families of the fallen.

That's not to say TWB is bad now. Weekday updates, color comics, and a Patreon have been added.
However, TWB now better resembles Questionable Content- even the robot fighting.

Is that where we're at?

What should we expect to not return?
I remember being interested in the tournament arc, but it disappeared.
I remember Red's struggles as a field owner- something I enjoyed as I witnessed it in real life at my old job.
I remember Pirta's first day playing ball- that was a blast.

I guess I realized I've been checking TWB every MWF out of habit, but lately I've been forgetting.
When I try to catch up, I always find little in the 5-6 comics I missed that I would have actually, well, missed.

This isn't a dramatic Dear Doc letter- we've seen those before.

I've just been reflecting on a continuing piece of art I patronize.
I'm not looking for an argument, but rather thoughtful reflections on the past year. Thoughts?

Posted on Nov 3, 2017, 7:33 PM

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