on paintball

by jojo

I agree with your stats, but 50% over 3.5years?
That's actually 0% over the lst year.

Would TWB benefit by advertising istelf as a furry (nonjudgemental, just lack of a better word) character driven comic rather than a paintball driven one?
I'm sure Doc's insight will pivot this conversation.

I love his art and passion, but redefining his art and passion may bring greater audience to it.
I think this represents a hard truth- pb is just fraction of our lives, a fraction of the comic we identify with.

And with the dwindling pb world, a smaller fraction of our lives.

Also, I didn't bring u QC as a negative.
Rather, a compliment. It transcends artstyles and growth, and represents more of the creator than before.

Perhaps that's the key- pb dwindles in our lives, and relationships, people, economic uncertainty takes hold.

This is all meta BTW. I'm a firm believer in art for the artist's sake and world.

I suppose my "critique", if you could call it that, is in the advertising of the product rather than the art itself.
I find things in TWB now to connect on a more human level than paintball- relationships over the newest gadget or gags about them.

The big question: Is paintball the focus, or a pastime for the characters, and for us?
Are we the same group of people, maturing and finding the people around us more captivating and important than the game that brought us together?

For the record: I'm hooked, either way.
I'll always wonder how long Sandy puts up with Swampy's shit, or what she sees in him. Whether Pirta and Jake can make it work, or whether Doc's reality works for her at all?
Also for the record: I hate the Trump shit, no matter how minor it may be. But political divides have never separated me from the artists I enjoy (jeph included). I suppose I mentioned the political stuff because it stuck out compared to the rest of TWB- not because I ever thought "oh god why I better never go to that url ever again"- the introduction of subtle political advertising doesn't go unnoticed, no matter who you "root" for.

I do agree with Lord-whatever that this was a tone shift that not all are enticed by- My question is, is it better for the comic (and therefore the prospective audience) to identify with more average-life situations than the paintball themed gags?

Also, QC was not brought up as a negative comparison. Jeph has done a good job of the last year of creating and dealing with his own moral quandaries.

Last point: Art is always for the artist's sake, commercial be damned. Doc should draw and write whatever compels him to create, and the audience will adapt (by leaving and arriving). I guess my question is more a question of identity rather than "f**king doc needs to play the classics".

Has the identity changed? For better or worse is a trivial question of demographics and economics.

I suppose the main question is: Has the artist grown, and what factors facilitated this?

Sorry if none of this makes sense- literally drunk right now

Posted on Nov 3, 2017, 10:37 PM

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