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And no, I'm not meaning this as an, "In yo FACE!!" to the OP. So please don't read into it that way.

More, it's just a show that I agree with the "you can't please everyone all the time" nature of the comment and the thoroughness that Doc put into it.

I mean, I run my own site for tabletop gaming news (the site's literallyhttp://www.tabletopgamingnews.com). I'll occasionally get comments of, "Why are you covering so much of (type) game? I don't play those types!" Or, "stop talking about so many Kickstarter projects. I don't back them!" Like, that's cool and all. I'm not saying you MUST like (type) of game or back every Kickstarter that comes around (I've only backed 4 in my entire life, which, for a gamer, is basically none). But someone else does love (type) game and they are excited about some Kickstarter or another. And I'll regularly get messages from game creators going, "Thank you for posting about my game!" It's a nice warmfuzzy.

And so I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Doc for the work he puts into the comic and state that while, no, I don't always think whatever storyline is going on is the greatest the comic's ever had, I do always find it worth coming back to every day. And I'm certainly glad to see that Doc has thought about such and /does/ try and spread things out. Wacky comedy, gag-a-day stuff, the rom-com stuff was new and different, trying to rotate in different characters where appropriate, it's all good. I mean, if I had my druthers, it'd be non-stop daily gags with Bandit and Rainy. But I know not everyone would want that, and hell, I'd probably get tired of it after a while. So it's the changing nature of the strip that I enjoy.

Ah well, this was originally just going to be a n/t post... and then just the .gif... and we see what happened here.

TL:DR - Thanks for the work you put into the strip, Doc. I know I speak for many when I say, "We appreciate all you do."

Posted on Nov 4, 2017, 10:36 AM

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