Changed, it has...

by Cpt. Obvious

If you look back at the very early strips they feel like they were created as therapy by a deeply frustrated paintball store owner...

For those who has played PB (especially who started with a Nelspot) it's filled with situations we can identify with, while the large majority, who never even seen a PB and much less would know the difference between paintball and airsoft, occasionally gets a chuckle out of it. I guess anyone who's worked retail either ran screaming from the comic at this point, or chuckled evilly thinking of how useful having a huge mallet behind the counter would be.

Over time this has mutated into a comic, with stories, and romance, and cars, and intercontinental couches, and zombie outbreaks and so on. And occasionally they even play a bit of paintball, tough I have a feeling this is getting about as frequent as Doc is able to put a few down the field. Alaskan summer is short and there always seems like there's more things you just "have to do" than there are days in the summer...

Is this bad? In my opinion, no. It's just how things has evolved. I enjoy the casual insanity even though some of my favorite characters may get less screen time than they did a few years ago.

Posted on Nov 5, 2017, 5:06 AM

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