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the truth is there are only a few things I want to do that are major , all my tinkering now is very small tweaks to perfect my tuning / building. That said I did have a major failure in producing an odd material clone gun the Ti Typhoon. Unfortunately even with the best thin tube welder on the east coast I could never get the alignment to be close enough that just a minor line hone would make things perfect. The gun functioned but ate a lot of bolts , o-rings , and the hammer even though brass sleeved did damage to the lower tube. Could I have made it out of heavy wall and avoided a lot of the issue yes but the work to get back to the target weight I was going for was not going to happen. Today I could make it happen as the tec to do so has advanced do I want to no I do not play enough nor really want to play semi much if at all. I could shift my focus to a Ti nelson gun but again do not play enough to even think of it. There is a lot of disillusion with a lot of players who started in the 80's they do not want to play with spoiled cheater 12 year olds that the industry recruits to play/ spend money. Decades ago it should have turned away from that marketing but has not nor will not until this is again an adult game you will see fewer innovations and tec come into play. Think of it this way how much has the Tonka truck changed / evolved or a Hot Wheels car it just dose not need to be when the marketing focus is on kids not adults.
Low quality cheap rip offs take no time and leave your pockets empty.

Posted on Nov 5, 2017, 4:44 PM

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