fox in the mech

by eonmoon

heh, jinx had bullwhip he electrified, has learned beginner mallet-fu, and how to assert his authority around. yes at home he has oh, eight sisters around him, ( on that reguard he is like a vulpix/ninetales from pokemon, 7 females per male birth) he is drowning in a sea of estrogen back home,
hmm, about his parents, how involved are they, his mom I know had to leave him late or to be dropped off, what about his dad. is the father henpecked by his wife and all his daughters?

to the future, I can easily see jinx and kasi going out one day, after being told the play-fighting and going out to eat counts as dating. the two pair up nicely.

Posted on Nov 6, 2017, 5:12 AM

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