You seem to be assuming...

by Jelsemium

That women can't be a breadwinner and have children. These days, it's normal for mothers to work full-time outside the house, even when their husbands have full-time jobs. Plus, there are a lot of single mothers with full-time jobs.

There are also women who have a full-time job, kids and a husband who doesn't have a job. (Because of the economy, not because they're lazy. Although there is some of that, too.) There's also such a thing as a stay-at-home dad. (One's right across the street from me.)

BTW, marrying a man just because he has a steady income is not a good idea. It happens, yeah, but I can't see Sandy going that route.

Posted on Nov 6, 2017, 6:08 AM

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  1. Also . . .. DannyBeans, Nov 6, 2017
    1. Swampy is a good catch!. lurker5253, Nov 6, 2017
      1. We've seen Swampy work. Jelsemium, Nov 6, 2017
        1. yeah, but. Fish Preferred, Nov 6, 2017
      2. I'll take that bet. Dave H, Nov 6, 2017
        1. Or mine, come to that. (nt). DannyBeans, Nov 6, 2017
        2. I knew another woman who supported her lazy husband. Jelsemium, Nov 7, 2017
      3. Re: Swampy is a good catch!. sstabeler, Dec 5, 2017


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