11-7-2017 TWB

by G.S.Monroe

Rodger what have you done?
2nd squad of Drones? Reinforcements?
What did he do to attract this much bad karma?
Last I remember he was just fixing the Jukebox.

Posted on Nov 7, 2017, 11:43 AM

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  1. Your Duke Quakoom highscore and IFF firmware don't mix.. Irregular Logic, Nov 7, 2017
  2. tech'ing while under the influence. Khan Fused, Nov 7, 2017
  3. Re: Rodger what have you done?. Jelsemium, Nov 7, 2017
  4. Von Neumann killbots..... eddi, Nov 7, 2017
    1. ...AKA Sentinels. nt. tmk, Nov 8, 2017
      1. I had forgotten them..... eddi, Nov 8, 2017


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