I *am* using open-loop steppers...

by Doc Nickel

Full build details can be found here. It's a homebrew CNC conversion of the very common DIY sort, using common 1.8 degree steppers and eBay ballscrews.

I started out with Mach 3 on an old XP PC, but that's not a particularly friendly setup for those of us that have no real prior experience with the software side of CNC, and the system was badly limited anyway by its inability to use more than single-pulse-per-rev spindle encoders.

I just picked up a recently-released Centroid Acorn and will thus be running the latest CNC12, which, for doofi like myself, includes (supposedly) easy to use conversational programming.

The eventual plan is to use gang tooling (likely just four or fewer tools) and do short-run production. Being able to properly "home" the machine initially, and for it to be able to repeatedly home itself at the end of each cycle, helps with part-to-part consistency and overall accuracy.


Posted on Nov 8, 2017, 8:59 PM

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