AXYZ prox

by Le_KiD_Qc

I worked with a AXYZ cnc router table for a project at my old job.

The way the homing worked on this machine is that it will go at a certain speed to activate a proximity sensor. After the first trigger, it will back up and reactivate the proximity sensor at a slower speed to increase the accuracy of the homing. I don't remember the exact model of the prox sensor, but it was something like a E2A from Omron in M8. The AXYZ table was using stepper motor and we did the homing routine only at the start up or after a big crash where the stepper might skip a step. We didn't have any problem with precision

Also like someone already said, in a shop environment, you don't want optical system. Yes it's a precise solution, put it's not the sturdiest.


Posted on Nov 9, 2017, 5:03 PM

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