by Doc Nickel

Not really intentionally trying for a record- actually, when I started out I'd hoped to wrap this up by the 31st, but I eventually decided that was going to seem too rushed.

The only other two series I can think of was the fridgemonster-in-the-basement one, which still had the occasional dialogue (Doc laughing hysterically when torching the kitchen, the monster itself yelling "Blarg!", etc.) or the big snowball fight in the park, which still had the occasional "dook-dook-dook" from Bandit running, and Sandy telling Pirta she should join in and pelt Doc.

Those were also back during the 3-day-a-week era. The current storyline is already at 30 strips and counting.

Might hold the record unless somebody can think of another one I've forgotten. happy.gif


Posted on Nov 11, 2017, 1:53 PM

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  1. The snowball fight was awesome. Jelsemium, Nov 12, 2017


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