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by Doc Nickel

Since the Esprit is just another variant of the ubiquitous Spyder (and a huge number of clones) any "support" for it is the same as it would be for a Spyder One, Shutter, Victor, X-Tra, Sport, Electra, and about a hundred others.

Some individual details might be slightly different between the models, but the general method of operation and overall design is the same.

The only thing the Esprit has going for it is the E-trigger, it's an electronic trigger frame, rather than mechanical. The only real benefit there is the trigger pull is a bit shorter and lighter, but unfortunately it doesn't make the gun any more reliable.

$26 is almost overpaying for it, sorry to say. Your Gryphon is a moderately better marker, but if you want an inexpensive, virtually-guaranteed-to-work marker, look for a Tippmann Cronus.

On the Mini, early ones were kind of inherently trouble-prone, and take regular servicing to stay in good shape. I know there's several online tutorials and YouTube videos on servicing them- it's not hard once you understand where all the O-rings go. happy.gif


Posted on Nov 13, 2017, 1:07 PM

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  1. Thanks, Doc. -s-i-x-, Nov 13, 2017


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