1rst world problems.....

by Andrew

So I just upgraded my computer(again). Mainly for processing and running 32 threes at once. I also wanted it to be able to game at least decently so I also installed 2 1080ti 11 mb nvidia video cards. That’ seems to be what is causing my problems. I run 2 monitors, a 70” 4K tv, and the 27” Wacom cintiq. I want them to be copies of each other, and it’s never been a problem with other computers. Now if plug the cintiq into the lower on it looks great and the tv looks great to, but when I open a game the tv gets a washed out look to the colors. Not sure where I’m messing up. Tv is set to the cintiq resolution which is lower then 4K. But it is slightly fuzzy on words with light vertical lining on bright objects. I tried going ito multiple setting on the video cards and display settings.

Posted on Nov 15, 2017, 7:18 AM

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