Finally, a bit more progress...!

by Doc Nickel

As I noted over a month ago, I'm switching my CNC-converted Logan lathe over from a functional but antiquated Mach 3/WinXP system, over to the brand-new Acorn board recently released by Centroid.

Which has been sitting here for at least three weeks now, waiting for me to have a few moments of free time to do the swap.

Today, I finally managed to put out enough of those metaphorical fires and took those few minutes. I still don't have an enclosure I like, and so don't have an idea how it all needs to be laid out, so I temporarily just screwed everything to a hunk of spare plywood:

[linked image]


I know some of you don't actually read the text here, and just look at the fun pictures, and inevitably somebody will or would pipe up and say I'm risking getting chips on the electronics, risking a short, etc.

Yes, I know, I know. happy.gif

This is just for testing purposes. As soon as I've verified the wiring is correct- never a sure thing with me happy.gif - and have calibrated the stepper drives and whatnot, I'll find a decent enclosure and mount everything properly.

And keeping in mind the lathe itself isn't entirely done either- I still need to mount limit switches, build a guard over the Z-axis stepper drive, some sort of cover for the encoder and drive, I still need to add some kind of support for the X-axis ballscrew, connect the VFD to the Acorn (and set the parameters) and a dozen other things.

If I have a few more minutes tomorrow (Friday) I hope to actually power the thing up and go through the first few calibration steps. Here's hopin' all this extra time and money was worth it. happy.gif


Posted on Nov 16, 2017, 9:45 PM

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