Converting Lathe to CNC

by patdee

I have an old belt driven Lathe that has NEVER even been turned on. It was a brand new Grizzly lathe (12" X 36") about 25 yrs ago, or so. Got a job of traveling and never home; so it just gathered dust.

I am itching to convert it to an all CNC machine now; because of the "state of the art" and the fact that I am now fully retired. I have the means.

Saw one on a YouTube video last night; by Centroid that looked pretty simple to do.

I live in "NE Atlanta". Specifically: City of "Berkeley Lake" (Duluth).

I need someone to get me started. That is all. I can do the rest. Learn easily and quickly, Praise Jesus.

Doc, could you email me if you are interested. If not I understand. I was given your name and website by the man that made the video above, after I emailed him last night.

Note: I also have a Grizzly Mill; bought at the same time brand new. NEVER been turned on-gathering dust. I want to convert it to a CNC also. Excited does not describe what I am feeling about this.

pat dee

Posted on Nov 19, 2017, 8:45 AM

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  1. [cracks knuckles] Getting started on CNC conversions.... Doc Nickel, Nov 19, 2017


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