Home Alone comes to mind

by B.O.B.

Mostly the scene when they try to go the back door and here gun fire. Simulate that REALLY LOUD! With the lights BAKING the perp and Many Many Many a camera to catch all the action. I wouldn't chase him. Just post on u-tube and share on social media. Also the cheap pre-paid phone Idea would work too. If you want you could just add the line to your current plan for cheap. I know i can get a carrier compatable phone cheap, sim card like $20 and service would be bout $20-30 a month for the line with data. If it is android based add a couple tracking apps (cerberus I'd recommend cost is $5 for 5 devices but worth it) and there ya go. IF you add lookout, it has a low battery signal flare which it will tell you it's last location before battery dies. This is good if you keep it out side with out a charger. Speaking of charging power it some how off the projector as some else mentioned is a good idea. NOW the down side is what is the temperatures this device is exposed to? Too cold or too hot the battery will not like you.

Posted on Nov 20, 2017, 7:32 AM

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