Coffee pods

by DannyBeans

I admit I don't love pod-type coffee systems. The grounds are never fresh, and they tend to have different ideas about what constitutes a "cup" than I do. (My dad's Senseo was the worst offender. 4 ounces?! Please. That's not even a literal cup.) I find them inconvenient, as well - I know I'm going to have at least two cups before it gets burnt, so I might as well brew them both in one go and refill at my convenience. But each to their own. I'm certainly not going to be a snob about how anyone else likes theirs.

My go-to is a light roast. Less bitterness and more caffeine are a winning combination for me. My hometown doesn't have any local roasters who know what they're doing, so I generally get Gevalia's Traditional Blend. I buy it whole bean and grind it fresh (or the night before if I brew it with a timer). And yeah, I'm a cream-and-sugar man - heavy whipping cream and dark brown sugar when I'm at home. My doctor hates me. happy.gif

That said, when the chips are down, I take my coffee engineer-style: hot, high-quality, caffeinated; pick any two.

Posted on Nov 21, 2017, 9:00 AM

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